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8:56AM - 12/20/2023

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9:40AM - 12/08/2023

"We have lift off"

9:42AM - 11/15/2023

Hey... We need to feed the world somehow!!!!

9:36AM - 11/15/2023 is back and ready for musicians to support each other! Write new music, launch battles, collect votes and exposure!

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2:12AM - 9/27/2023

“ Here at veggios, we aim to bring sustainable produce, their sources, and where you can find the freshest, locally grown food, all to the palm of your hand. We strive to help propel the world's movement towards sustainable agriculture, growing methods, and food practices through a network of producers, consumers, and everyone in between. Visit our pages and watch our network grow. ”

- Mark,

1:14PM - 1/18/2023

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3:09PM - 11/12/2020

Status- Ongoing

With constantly growing database of items and a forum for all your questions, the Cleaner Together App is your go to source for all things green. But this is only the beginning as there is much more to come.

Home Page
The home page is a sleek and user friendly view which contains links to every aspect of the app such as Which Bin and the forum. The page also includes direct access to out social media profiles and a counter that displays in real time many of the issues Cleaner Together is trying to resolve. Along with this, there is a drop down menu which will link to some of the main information on this website about Cleaner Together such as the About Us page, the Learn section, the Contact page, and the Projects section.

Which Bin
Which Bin is a constantly growing database of items where anyone can go to find out if there item should be recycled, composted, or simply thrown away. You can search for an item manually or use our powerful search bar. However, what makes our app different from other similar ones, is that we allow users to add items and there recycling info. And while this information is thoroughly reviewed for errors, this feature allows our database of items to grow at an exponentially faster pace. Be sure to look out for future updates to this section of the app where we will look into adding a scanner so you can simply scan the item as well as more specific recycling information based on your zip code.

The Cleaner Together forum is a large and easy-to-use database of questions others have asked along with ability to add your own questions. On each question you have the ability to up vote or down vote questions based on how helpful they are so the questions can also be more accessible to others. You can also easily answer questions and others can reply to those answers as well. In the future, be on the lookout for a social media aspect in this section which is more to post interesting ideas you have had or things you have done to related to Cleaner Together.


2:05AM - 11/12/2020

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to have a look at our page! We really appreciate the opportunity to get our simple environmental message and philosophy out to as many people as possible and the Good News Turtle has generously provided this platform to do so! So....let me quickly explain...... bhassexplore was formed in march this year as a fully inclusive collective and cooperative to deal with a major and shameful forty plus years build up of plastic trash and synthetic materials beneath the majestic chalk cliffs at Beachy Head in East Sussex in the UK..... Hence the name bhassexplore.... Beachy Head And Seven Sisters Extreme Plastic Objects Removal...... catchy hey! Anyway..... If you please visit our website the whole story of how a group of environmentally conscious individuals have their time and labours freely to achieve the near impossible task of removing 6TONNES of human made garbage from a remote tidal marine environment strewn with rocks and boulders and prone to cliff falls!
Well...... having achieved that without incident and permanently removing plastics that would have broken down and returned into the oceans for hundreds and hundreds of years, l, WarmNorm the founder of bhassexplore..... decided to try to inspire as many others as possible, on top of the great work already being done, to get involved in plastic trash clear ups and have FUN! whilst doing so by wearing green socks and using the #greensockmovement hashtag to document their activities on our social media sites...... Simple! And now all that remains is for more and more people to take up my invitation to pull on some green socks and join us and to hashtag their environmental activities #greensockmovement and to visit all of our social media sites and share our GOOD NEWS STORY far and wide..... Many thanks for reading my ramblings.... Hoping some pictures will go up soon.... Love to you all... and ..... peace!

10:07PM - 11/11/2020

We have been so shocked and inspired by Sir David Attenborough's latest film that we've upped the anti to increase our contribution to rewilding this planet.

Saving forests and planting trees is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of reducing CO2 in the atmosphere to tackle the climate crises. Trees are incredibly efficient machines that suck up atmospheric carbon and turn it into a solid form, using free energy from the sun to lock it away. Not only do they capture carbon, they provide essential habitat for many species, and realse oxygen for us to breath, bonus.

If you haven't already seen this finely crafted documentary, do your self and the planet a favour and do so. It is THE one film all humans MUST see.

3:00PM - 11/11/2020

The Doctor Cookie Foundation is a non-profit organization that sells delicious baked goods and donated all proceeds to the UCLA Hospital of Santa Monica! We hope to bring joy to others from our yummy treats, all the while helping the community :)

12:44PM - 11/11/2020

ListenSpeakAct is a blog that educates others on social justice issues through our short and easy to understand bi-weekly blog posts. We inform people about the horrible injustices occurring in our world and aim to inspire others to use their voice and make a change for what they believe in by using the ListenSpeakAct method of activism.

8:56PM - 11/09/2020

Hi Everyone! We are Cooking with a Conscience, a Non-Profit organization that provides sustainable, convinient, and delicious cooking classes to young girls. Make sure to follow us on instagram @cookingwithaconsciencec and dm us if you want more information on our cause!

5:21PM - 11/09/2020

Created as a response to recent social injustices, Culture of Change aims to provide an informative and educational space for youth to learn about important issues and feel empowered to create change in a way that will positively impact their communities and spread awareness on good causes through petitions, donations, social activism, and making their voice heard.

Visit to learn more!

12:24PM - 11/05/2020

We are a youth-lead organization founded by two high-schoolers from London. With an international team, our mission is simple: build a community for youth to reflect, discuss, and learn about the impacts of cancer!

1:18PM - 11/03/2020

A lot of what we are doing here on Earth today will exponentially increase the rate of technological advancements of our near future. So, what would a city of the future look like? Well its pretty interesting check out these cool videos!

Solar City:
Elon Musk:

1:24PM - 11/01/2020

Our "One Earth" series of merchandise donates $3 per item sold to Global clean water and sanitation are at the forefront of's mission; and we support that. Help us support clean drinking water by rocking some really cool gear!

One Earth Shirts:


12:58PM - 11/01/2020

Support Musical Artists in a totally new way. Fans vote on track to track battles to decide the winner; and also have the option of giving their favorite artists a donation. Artists can gain exposure, network and build their fan base; Sign Up and become a Fan or Artist!

Check out our Battle of the Day: Jude vs The Bearcats

Battle Stage Link:

10:35PM - 10/30/2020

Anyone. Anything. Anywhere
Catapath connects students to a vast database of opportunities and allows organizations to easily create a global impact.

9:12AM - 10/29/2020

Now more than ever we have to focus on supporting the education and continued learning of our youth. Catapath is a budding center of encouragement to pursue areas of knowledge that interest young students. The Good News Turtle signed up in hopes of creating opportunities for students around the world with Catapath! Take a look at their mission, goals and platform today!


1:51PM - 10/25/2020

Green roofing can drastically alter the way buildings function in cities. Installing greenspace on rooftops can prevent water runoff, insulate the building better, create a habitat for wildlife, and cool down the city if implemented in a large-scale way. Attached are several videos of this most excellent concept!

Green Roof Day:
Roof Gardens:

4:25PM - 10/14/2020

Venturing out into the great beyond of outer space is our future. Here is a great video displaying the many active and developing technologies guiding us safely into the universe. Something to look forward to.

4:05PM - 10/14/2020

Space is cool, there is no doubt about it. Hopefully, one day, humans will be all over the universe. There are several companies and countries out there participating. Here are some great informational videos based off the two giants of the private space industry...



12:44PM - 10/13/2020

Represent the Good News Turtle and support our Cause of Causes!

GNT's T Merch Page:

2:18PM - 10/12/2020

Music has always brought people together... In different situations, music can bring upon a number of emotions. Different genres can be used to create an atmosphere around an idea or experience. Music can comfort us, and encourage positive social happenings.

Where Music Carries Us has been steadily growing over the last couple of years and is proving these very concepts. That their music (and others) can foster leadership, community involvement, spread joy, support others, and encourage future musicians.

The current good deed is the Chamber Music project. The members of WMCU create weekly virtual events of recordings made by their network. We need music in these times... Please look into their work!


1:09PM - 10/12/2020

Current events have reshaped our world in many fashions. One major way, is in the educational experience. We are caught in a difficult space but must continue to innovate and grow through learning. In the years ahead, it will be important to set the stage for future generations. One organization that has emerged and set out to change this place for the better, is Wave Learning Festival. Check out their video and website!

Wave Learning Festival:

3:00PM - 10/01/2020

With population exploding and available land shrinking, there is still hope we will be able to feed the people of the future... here is some cool farming tech!

Aero Farms:

Gotham Greens:


Iron Ox:


5:39PM - 9/30/2020

Blue Origin's New Glenn:

SpaceX's Starship Superheavy:

Nasa's SLS Artemis 1:

Rocket Lab's Electron:


5:36PM - 9/30/2020

Here is yet another example of how music can create a positive energy... In the linked video, Adam Sandler shows how to truly appreciate a friend even after they have passed; through a story, or song. In this case, the individual is Chris Farley.

Not only was Chris a good person, he brought joy to everyone around him; and everyone who watched him. The song remembers the man in a personal way, in hopes that the crowd can respect him in a familiar light. At the end Adam asks the crowd to make enough noise so that Farley may hear them (even in an other world). Clearly, the audience was moved greatly by the "Great Chris Farley" tribute and his legacy!

If you haven't seen the clip I encourage you to take a few minutes and lighten up your day :). Peace and Love

Merch Link:

2:55PM - 9/30/2020

The global energy system must one day become sustainable, using renewable technologies to power our world. If you are new to the major systems we are currently using to make this transition happen, the link below will be a great place for you to start.

Its not just electricity we need to figure out though. A sustainable and environmentally neutral food system is necessary, we need clean water for 100% of people, and our transportation system needs an overhaul. Now, thankfully, some companies and/or organizations are doing this already. Attached are links to only a few groups aiding us on this journey!

7 Types of Renewable Energy:



Electric Cars:

Sustainable World

12:38PM - 9/30/2020

Have you ever felt an increase in mood because a song or artist is streaming through the airwaves and into your ears? I'd say yes, all the time; maybe i'm a little weird. But I don't think so, i think this truly happens often, to everyone, everywhere. With the internet and progress of music making technologies, its now more simple than ever; to create and share original music. So how does it affect our mental health?

Previously we would have concerts, parties and events with music; creating and celebrating unique social experiences. This was a very healthy thing for us all. Giving us a collective feeling in usually pretty positive ways. Can this happen on a personal level? I think so.

On September 15, 2009, Kid Cudi's "Man on the Moon: The End of Day" was released... i remember being lost and searching for my place in this world, and it was amazing to find that i wasn't alone.

I found an awesome article written last year, around this time, celebrating the album's 10 year anniversary. Follow the link below and see a true example of how music can capture, inspire, and even mentally support it's listeners; all mapped out in a creative way by Complex.

Thanks a lot, Scott!!!

Complex Link:

All we really need is some good music!

Merch Link:

12:18PM - 9/30/2020

Back to the Moon! Take a look at the missions and cool animations evolving around our second home as we venture off into space...


Space X:

Blue Origin:



3:01PM - 9/28/2020

The Good News Turtle and motto are here to bring about, and support, creative and life affirming ways of existing in this world. Our line of T-Shirts combines our passion for art and nature with charitable organizations of relative themes...

We will be continuously showcasing our love for all aspects of humanity and nature; from clean water to aiding in the survival of animal populations. We would like to craft our graphics and designs with a purpose!

Our first focus is on the Trees!!! Visit our Bonfire campaigns and join us in helping replant what we have torn down or lost over the years... For every tree shaped item sold we donate $3 to

Good Turtle T's Campaigns:

3:50PM - 9/03/2020

The Black String Triage Ensemble is a group made up of musicians that come together to bring awareness and peace to people in the face of tragedy.; gun violence, shootings, suicides, fires, car accidents and as of late - protests and racial unrest.
This is their mission:
“Using Music and Art to address pain; foster healing; promote love; call for justice, and guard against hopelessness.”

4:26PM - 8/25/2020

Music has been around for a long time... i don't think anyone actually knows when (or what) was the first sound. Maybe there was music before the Big Bang, you know? Either way, music has been a part of human culture for what seems like forever.

At, we plan to enhance the market for musicians, artists, bands, DJs, and all members of the music industry. We are currently hosting online musical battles set up by the artists through their own dashboard; challenging one another. Allowing them to connect all social media platforms they may be using and accept fan made donations with only a PayPal fee removed.

Although it's not all about who is the best... however we do keep your voting and battle records for your enjoyment... It is more about supporting two (or more) artists in battle and gaining cross-exposure while fans discover new music.

As we gain partners and artists, we hope to create a network to connect the musicians to all aspects of the music industry more easily...

Share with your network and start something great!

- Battle Anthems

Merch Link:

3:06PM - 8/18/2020

Today is strange times. There are many major issues within our societal system, economic structure, and environmental relationship with our planet. Its is certainly high time that we figure this stuff out, and here at Good News Turtle, we would like to talk about the movements and events that push us towards this civilization's and our planet's sustainable future. All through positive news, articles and videos, a growing number of "For a Cause" Partners, a growing number of writers, and links to the charitable world for donors and volunteers alike!

Our mission is to focus on the brighter side: big achievements, good deeds, small wins, science, nature, exploration, music, medicine, clean energy, and everything and anything that helps humanity move forward (together) in this Universe.

So what is on our horizon? Hopefully a good, good future for Planet Earth and all of us Humans that live down here. Even as we fly out into space, we are going to need this place and each other for a long, long time. So you just take it slow, and we will bring the good in the world to your phone, tablet or computer. Hopefully making better the place, The World We Live In.

Here We Go,
The Good Turtle

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