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Wisdom is an admiral trait. It displays a process of age and patience to remain so steady and sturdy throughout a long life span of slow movement. Like turtles, the Earth is old too; and to us humans, our civilization is even pretty old. So this is our way of covering the news... Focusing on the components of our people and our lives on this planet; both topics of age. Like the turtle, an emblem of longevity, we will wish for nothing less. With hopeful futures of a sustainable global system, clean energy, becoming a multi planetary species, planet cleaning and reviving; the human species strives to live long into the future. Here we discuss the positive news, reminding everyone that we are in this together, and that there is good in the world; and that this good can spread (hopefully faster than a turtle).


The turtle, in folklore, carries the world upon its back, or supports the heavens. Giving the turtle a mythological position in our world's history. Maybe not one human can carry the earth on they're own, but together we are the Turtle. The image of a turtle is sewn into the fabric of history, in sculptures, artwork and even coined currency. Representing strength, immortality, and protector-like qualities; we could use something like a good turtle right about now.


A symbol of knowledge, the turtle shows us the benefits of collectively being aware of the people, world, and universe around us. We help connect to businesses that share profit with charities; bringing all of these organizations to a common navigational web space. In addition, our network of charities allows you to find non for profit organizations that are in line with your passions and values. These pages, along with our news, are ways to expand your knowledge and pursue the future good of humans.


A shield from any foe. Designed as a life saving barrier around a fragile inside. Maybe as a whole we are fragile, maybe we need some shells. Let's start spreading the positivity, share all the good news, and support the people making a difference in this world!

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