Mental Health and Music

12:38PM - 9/30/2020 by @Battle Anthems

Have you ever felt an increase in mood because a song or artist is streaming through the airwaves and into your ears? I'd say yes, all the time; maybe i'm a little weird. But I don't think so, i think this truly happens often, to everyone, everywhere. With the internet and progress of music making technologies, its now more simple than ever; to create and share original music. So how does it affect our mental health?

Previously we would have concerts, parties and events with music; creating and celebrating unique social experiences. This was a very healthy thing for us all. Giving us a collective feeling in usually pretty positive ways. Can this happen on a personal level? I think so.

On September 15, 2009, Kid Cudi's "Man on the Moon: The End of Day" was released... i remember being lost and searching for my place in this world, and it was amazing to find that i wasn't alone.

I found an awesome article written last year, around this time, celebrating the album's 10 year anniversary. Follow the link below and see a true example of how music can capture, inspire, and even mentally support it's listeners; all mapped out in a creative way by Complex.

Thanks a lot, Scott!!!

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All we really need is some good music!

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