Mental Health and Music: Celebrating a Life

5:36PM - 9/30/2020 by @Battle Anthems

Here is yet another example of how music can create a positive energy... In the linked video, Adam Sandler shows how to truly appreciate a friend even after they have passed; through a story, or song. In this case, the individual is Chris Farley.

Not only was Chris a good person, he brought joy to everyone around him; and everyone who watched him. The song remembers the man in a personal way, in hopes that the crowd can respect him in a familiar light. At the end Adam asks the crowd to make enough noise so that Farley may hear them (even in an other world). Clearly, the audience was moved greatly by the "Great Chris Farley" tribute and his legacy!

If you haven't seen the clip I encourage you to take a few minutes and lighten up your day :). Peace and Love

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