Inspired by David Attenborough's A Life on this Planet

10:07PM - 11/11/2020 by @smartass undies

We have been so shocked and inspired by Sir David Attenborough's latest film that we've upped the anti to increase our contribution to rewilding this planet.

Saving forests and planting trees is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of reducing CO2 in the atmosphere to tackle the climate crises. Trees are incredibly efficient machines that suck up atmospheric carbon and turn it into a solid form, using free energy from the sun to lock it away. Not only do they capture carbon, they provide essential habitat for many species, and realse oxygen for us to breath, bonus.

If you haven't already seen this finely crafted documentary, do your self and the planet a favour and do so. It is THE one film all humans MUST see.


11:37AM - 11/12/2020

Such a powerful message... Things may be bad but we still have time!