2:05AM - 11/12/2020 by @#greensockmovement

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to have a look at our page! We really appreciate the opportunity to get our simple environmental message and philosophy out to as many people as possible and the Good News Turtle has generously provided this platform to do so! So....let me quickly explain...... bhassexplore was formed in march this year as a fully inclusive collective and cooperative to deal with a major and shameful forty plus years build up of plastic trash and synthetic materials beneath the majestic chalk cliffs at Beachy Head in East Sussex in the UK..... Hence the name bhassexplore.... Beachy Head And Seven Sisters Extreme Plastic Objects Removal...... catchy hey! Anyway..... If you please visit our bhassexplore.com website the whole story of how a group of environmentally conscious individuals have their time and labours freely to achieve the near impossible task of removing 6TONNES of human made garbage from a remote tidal marine environment strewn with rocks and boulders and prone to cliff falls!
Well...... having achieved that without incident and permanently removing plastics that would have broken down and returned into the oceans for hundreds and hundreds of years, l, WarmNorm the founder of bhassexplore..... decided to try to inspire as many others as possible, on top of the great work already being done, to get involved in plastic trash clear ups and have FUN! whilst doing so by wearing green socks and using the #greensockmovement hashtag to document their activities on our social media sites...... Simple! And now all that remains is for more and more people to take up my invitation to pull on some green socks and join us and to hashtag their environmental activities #greensockmovement and to visit all of our social media sites and share our GOOD NEWS STORY far and wide..... Many thanks for reading my ramblings.... Hoping some pictures will go up soon.... Love to you all... and ..... peace!


12:04PM - 11/12/2020

Strap on the Green Socks!