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4:26PM - 8/25/2020 by @Battle Anthems

Music has been around for a long time... i don't think anyone actually knows when (or what) was the first sound. Maybe there was music before the Big Bang, you know? Either way, music has been a part of human culture for what seems like forever.

At, we plan to enhance the market for musicians, artists, bands, DJs, and all members of the music industry. We are currently hosting online musical battles set up by the artists through their own dashboard; challenging one another. Allowing them to connect all social media platforms they may be using and accept fan made donations with only a PayPal fee removed.

Although it's not all about who is the best... however we do keep your voting and battle records for your enjoyment... It is more about supporting two (or more) artists in battle and gaining cross-exposure while fans discover new music.

As we gain partners and artists, we hope to create a network to connect the musicians to all aspects of the music industry more easily...

Share with your network and start something great!

- Battle Anthems

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