8:56AM - 12/20/2023

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2:12AM - 9/27/2023


“ Here at veggios, we aim to bring sustainable produce, their sources, and where you can find the freshest, locally grown food, all to the palm of your hand. We strive to help propel the world's movement towards sustainable agriculture, growing methods, and food practices through a network of producers, consumers, and everyone in between. Visit our pages and watch our network grow. ”

- Mark, Veggios.com

1:14PM - 1/18/2023

Good News Turtle

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9:12AM - 10/29/2020

Giving Students Opportunities

Now more than ever we have to focus on supporting the education and continued learning of our youth. Catapath is a budding center of encouragement to pursue areas of knowledge that interest young students. The Good News Turtle signed up in hopes of creating opportunities for students around the world with Catapath! Take a look at their mission, goals and platform today!

Link: https://www.catapath.com/group/good-news-turtle-3/discussion

2:18PM - 10/12/2020

A Musical Community

Music has always brought people together... In different situations, music can bring upon a number of emotions. Different genres can be used to create an atmosphere around an idea or experience. Music can comfort us, and encourage positive social happenings.

Where Music Carries Us has been steadily growing over the last couple of years and is proving these very concepts. That their music (and others) can foster leadership, community involvement, spread joy, support others, and encourage future musicians.

The current good deed is the Chamber Music project. The members of WMCU create weekly virtual events of recordings made by their network. We need music in these times... Please look into their work!

WMCU: https://wheremusiccarriesus.org/

1:09PM - 10/12/2020

Learning Forward

Current events have reshaped our world in many fashions. One major way, is in the educational experience. We are caught in a difficult space but must continue to innovate and grow through learning. In the years ahead, it will be important to set the stage for future generations. One organization that has emerged and set out to change this place for the better, is Wave Learning Festival. Check out their video and website!

Wave Learning Festival: http://www.wavelf.org/mission

3:06PM - 8/18/2020

The World We Live In

Today is strange times. There are many major issues within our societal system, economic structure, and environmental relationship with our planet. Its is certainly high time that we figure this stuff out, and here at Good News Turtle, we would like to talk about the movements and events that push us towards this civilization's and our planet's sustainable future. All through positive news, articles and videos, a growing number of "For a Cause" Partners, a growing number of writers, and links to the charitable world for donors and volunteers alike!

Our mission is to focus on the brighter side: big achievements, good deeds, small wins, science, nature, exploration, music, medicine, clean energy, and everything and anything that helps humanity move forward (together) in this Universe.

So what is on our horizon? Hopefully a good, good future for Planet Earth and all of us Humans that live down here. Even as we fly out into space, we are going to need this place and each other for a long, long time. So you just take it slow, and we will bring the good in the world to your phone, tablet or computer. Hopefully making better the place, The World We Live In.

Here We Go,
The Good Turtle

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