9:36AM - 11/15/2023

Grand Re-Opening

BattleAnthems.com is back and ready for musicians to support each other! Write new music, launch battles, collect votes and exposure!

Battle of the Day: https://battleanthems.com/stage/c8356wz0ncsz

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12:58PM - 11/01/2020

Battle of the Day 11/1/20

Support Musical Artists in a totally new way. Fans vote on track to track battles to decide the winner; and also have the option of giving their favorite artists a donation. Artists can gain exposure, network and build their fan base; Sign Up and become a Fan or Artist!

Check out our Battle of the Day: Jude vs The Bearcats

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5:36PM - 9/30/2020

Mental Health and Music: Celebrating a Life

Here is yet another example of how music can create a positive energy... In the linked video, Adam Sandler shows how to truly appreciate a friend even after they have passed; through a story, or song. In this case, the individual is Chris Farley.

Not only was Chris a good person, he brought joy to everyone around him; and everyone who watched him. The song remembers the man in a personal way, in hopes that the crowd can respect him in a familiar light. At the end Adam asks the crowd to make enough noise so that Farley may hear them (even in an other world). Clearly, the audience was moved greatly by the "Great Chris Farley" tribute and his legacy!

If you haven't seen the clip I encourage you to take a few minutes and lighten up your day :). Peace and Love

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12:38PM - 9/30/2020

Mental Health and Music

Have you ever felt an increase in mood because a song or artist is streaming through the airwaves and into your ears? I'd say yes, all the time; maybe i'm a little weird. But I don't think so, i think this truly happens often, to everyone, everywhere. With the internet and progress of music making technologies, its now more simple than ever; to create and share original music. So how does it affect our mental health?

Previously we would have concerts, parties and events with music; creating and celebrating unique social experiences. This was a very healthy thing for us all. Giving us a collective feeling in usually pretty positive ways. Can this happen on a personal level? I think so.

On September 15, 2009, Kid Cudi's "Man on the Moon: The End of Day" was released... i remember being lost and searching for my place in this world, and it was amazing to find that i wasn't alone.

I found an awesome article written last year, around this time, celebrating the album's 10 year anniversary. Follow the link below and see a true example of how music can capture, inspire, and even mentally support it's listeners; all mapped out in a creative way by Complex.

Thanks a lot, Scott!!!

Complex Link:

All we really need is some good music!

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4:26PM - 8/25/2020

Battle Anthems Online Platform

Music has been around for a long time... i don't think anyone actually knows when (or what) was the first sound. Maybe there was music before the Big Bang, you know? Either way, music has been a part of human culture for what seems like forever.

At BattleAnthems.com, we plan to enhance the market for musicians, artists, bands, DJs, and all members of the music industry. We are currently hosting online musical battles set up by the artists through their own dashboard; challenging one another. Allowing them to connect all social media platforms they may be using and accept fan made donations with only a PayPal fee removed.

Although it's not all about who is the best... however we do keep your voting and battle records for your enjoyment... It is more about supporting two (or more) artists in battle and gaining cross-exposure while fans discover new music.

As we gain partners and artists, we hope to create a network to connect the musicians to all aspects of the music industry more easily...

Share with your network and start something great!

- Battle Anthems

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